Wake up and step up…….

It’s another perfect new day, with another perfected new play. Life is just a relay or marathon that you must live to replay and recall upon. We move different distances everyday, we drive different personalities in us that carry us away. We are who we are because we chose to be who we are, sometimes not true to our own selves just hiding wings and ability to do what we can. The future depends on the present, the teacher once was the the student too. Each day we have to make a step, let’s say we have to take a risk. That’s a game in business and commerce, thats the flame we must light to see that possible idea in the darkness.

Positive energy is the power booster, positive attitude is not for cowards. You dream about what you want to be, and you take a broom and sweep the streets clean so that one day someone will say indeed there lived a perfect street sweeper. What you can do, do to the fullest. Do not do it because you want to make someone happy, do it because you want to be happy too with what you do. History has its knowledge, there lived great people in this world who did greater things beyond human imagination, Sir Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Abraham Lincoln, Carl Marx, Jeremy Bentham, Winston Churchill, Socrates, Pythagoras but to mention a few. Many of them shaped the future that we have present right now. These are men who dedicated all their time to do the extra ordinary in all aspects of life. Some came up with inventions that the world applies right now. They built ideas in many years not one day, and never lost hope of trying every another day. It’s many years down the line and we find them in books of history as heroes.

For a player to be smarter in moves and attacks in his play, it takes alot of practice, dedication and commitment. Wealth does not measure success, intelligence does. We all have a different graph when it comes to the intelligence quotient, but one thing is still constant, time being the important resource. It’s just a matter of time you realize your potential and build it in every way possible. If you try one way and something is not working, try another route to see if you shall get to a different destination. Not all that start a race win, but they all finish. Our abilities are different our energies are different too, but every goal is attainable. Just shoot up the sky maybe you will bring down the stars together with the moon before you go hunting for  the sun.

#Live up to your dream
#We wanna be awake
#They made it, who are we not to…
#they worked better we work best


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