We are created to Worship….

In the beginning God created the Universe, and a large fraction of the creation was done by word of mouth. See how Mighty He was that He spoke out with authority and a living thing came to existence. The words of the creator were so powerful that they were able to separate the firmament and the earth. Nothing holds the sky but never have we heard of it falling since time immemorial.

Of all the Creatures something special came last.  It was too special that it was the only creature with God’s own image and likeness. It further had an extra ingredient of God,  the breath of life. That was Adam our forefather. Adam was too given authority over all other creatures God had created. He was too given a job to give names to all the animals,  sea creatures,  birds and as well as plants that existed.

We are indeed a special type.  Still when God saw that Adam was lonely in the Garden of Eden He decided to create a companion for him from one of Adam’s ribs. Eve was created.  I can observe that maybe Adam was walking in the Garden and wondering why other animals were in pairs,  and maybe he longed for God to create another for them to be a pair too.

What makes us special is that God gave us priorities before any other creature. And having God’s image and likeness places us far beyond other creatures. We were given brains with intelligence higher than other creatures. Man has now been able to make milestones as far as inventions and innovations are concerned.  Each day,  and in each generation things have changed and due to technology the world is now a global village,  they say. It’s only one Supreme deity who can be given glory and praise,  the Creator: Our Father who art in Heaven.

After God was through with  creation, He set aside one day as a day of rest, which many of us have refused to honour.  Out of six days he just chose one,  but we have gone against his will.  We ought to be grateful if all He has done in our lives and you can just do that by worshipping Him.  We should all give thanks for the chance we are given.

As though that was not enough, Adam and Eve went against God’s command and instead of striking humanity with His wrath,  He decides to give His only Son Jesus Christ to come and die, the act that purified us from sin. We were made free because of that fatherly love God has for us. We were Redeemed by the blood of the innocent lamb,  and we are forever His children. We truly should give thanks for His mercy,  grace He has given to us. We should truly worship our God in Heaven.

Be blessed Brethren.


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