A society that has lost its glory.

Stories are told how the future was molded and how heroes saved the world. Every other story has a lesson, maybe a better one or indeed a bitter one. We are born and nurtured in a society that is divided into classes, where the rich and the poor are two distinct creatures and can never mingle in any way whatsoever.

Carl Marx and others truly tried to solve that problem by Ideologies but the capitalist form of life was under pressure to be installed in the people’s hearts during the Cold war. We were created in equal measure, but the way we treat our neighbours gives that doubt if indeed we are one from the same creator, God our Father. Individuality and self exaltation has taken the peak of the mountain of life. Indeed life is a journey, but I always wonder why we travel different lengths to attain such same success. In the current state of affairs we can argue that if then Jesus could die in this era, he was to redeem a particular fraction of the earth🌍 .

Greed has always buried the virtue of selflessness, loving our neighbours now comes with limits if not extreme conditions . Look at this scenario, One lives in a mansion, drives a classy car, earns a killing i.e they live a lifestyle full of wealth but they have never  thought about their needy next-door neighbours who just need to survive on one meal for three days. Christ never drew boundaries for the unfortunate. He welcomed all and showed love in equal measure.

Everyone is determined to have a good life, but accepting Christ Jesus in their hearts is a story set aside for another day. Churches have now turned out to be dens of liars and prophets if doom, who just preach riches to their congregations and their lifestyles too is ‘preaching water💧 and drinking wine🍷’ . In the past our African ancestors nurtured morals in their children who never forgot the wisdom of their parents when they grew, but noways morals have been compromised to the extent of everyone defining his/her own morals. Taboos and abominations are committed and people walk Scort free. Indeed we have become animals instead of growing to be humane in our lives.

The responsibility of moulding and keeping the society on toes is of our parents, and some have failed. We ought to make all things right. We ought to retrieve back the Society’s lost glory. And only that can be done by me and you. We are the inventors of our future and we can mould it to be the manner we want it to be. But all in all Christ is the leader, with Him in our hearts we shall proper.


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